Another Cereral GF!

There is now a list of familiar favorite cereals that are Gluten Free….Chex, Cheerios, Lucky Charms, and Fruity/cocoa Pebbles.

Adding to the list now…Honey bunches of oats chocolate are now GF too! Always check labels please and this new cereal is only in chocolate.

2016 Valentine Candy List

Gluten-Free Valentine Candy List

Crisp Meat Burrito

I used the new mission gluten free tortillas. I also used ground pork and ground chicken (1lb each) sauté a sweet onion (small) add meat and brown…. (I didn’t measure, use to your liking) but approx 2 T cumin, 2 T chili powder,1 T garlic powder, 2 tsp salt, 1/2 c salsa, few splashes of water and pepper to taste….you want it moist.
I used avocado oil to fry in a cast iron… Poor about 1/4 inch of oil and heat til hot.
Add meat to tortillas and roll (as tight as you can) and add to oil… Cook for about a minute and turn for another 30 seconds to a minute.
Sooooooo Good! Half of them we out dairy free daiya cheddar in and it was fantastic!



Pizza Hut and GF pizza

For those of you waiting for this…. January 26, 2015…Pizza Hut is making gluten free pizza made with Udi’s GF crust. They are also certified GF, which means they are GIG trained (basically they have been certified & trained on cross contamination and how all that stuff works and to prevent it)
So check your local stores and see if you get to try some.