My Favorite Gluten-free Items

My Favorite Gluten Free Items

There are so many wonderful Gluten Free products, these are some of my favorites….
and of course all fresh fruits, veggies and meats are always gluten free. Be careful of anything with sauces, smokes, flavors and prepackaged items. Most will say gluten free if it is. Everything in this list IS GF!

*Bread- Rudi’s Gluten Free Breads… Udi’s hot dog buns, bagels…Food for life english muffins

*Baking Mixes- Betty Croker/Gluten Free Bisquick and boxed cakes and icings… Bob’s Red Mill-Gluten Free all purpos flour, Gluten Free rolled oats, xanthum gum

*Bacon/Sausage-Hormel bacon will list gluten free… this is the only brand of bacon I can verify that is complety gluten free. It says it right on the box/package. Breakfast sausge is another that I cannot verify through companies that it is completly gluten free BUT Costco has breakfast links that say Gluten free right on it, yeah!

*Chicken Nuggets/Fish Sticks-Ians Frozen nuggets and Fish Sticks…Be careful Ian’s makes regular items as well as Gluten Free Items.

*Cookies-Kinnickinick Ktoos (like oreos)…Kinnickinick smoreables graham crackers…MiDel chocolate chips cookies/lemon cookies, animal crackers

*Coffee Creamer-Nestle Coffee Mate all flavors

*Crackers-Schar table crackers…Crunchmaster crackers (garlic onion and original flavor)

*Candy- Many many to list always check with manufacturer, Like cosmetic and beauty supplies, companies change formulas EVERY year. So Celiac people come out with a Halloween and Easter Gluen Free Candy List. However, My favorites we use all the time, snickers, (Hersey will list any wheat) Dove(will list any wheat) M&M’s plain and peanut. I could go on and on so here is a link to one of 2012’s Halloween list…

*Cereal/Oatmeal- Chex/rice/corn/honeynut/apple cinnamon /chocolate/cinnamon…Oatmeal/GlutenFreeda instant oatmeal

*Chips-Kettle Brand, all the flavors I have tried are gluten free and they will say GF on them.. Costco tortillas strips made by mission…On the Border Tortilla chips

*Cheese-Most hard cheeses are ok, beware of soft cheeses. Always check. Shred cheeses use caking agents and some use wheat some don’t. I use Tillamook shred cheeses. any others cause me problems even though they are stated as no wheat/gluten.

*Canned Foods-I really don’t use a lot of canned foods because a lot of them contain wheat even though it does not list it on the ingredient list, I do know that Hormel will list wheat if there is any, Del Monte as well.

*Deli Meats- Colombus Meats- I buy mine at Costco…. Boars  head meats are GF. Be careful of deli meats if not purchasing these 2 brands or make sure it specifically says gluten free.

*Drinks-I mostly drink water, tea and coffee, but if you choose drinks such as soda-coke and pepsi are most all GF and list them on their websites, juices I only use 100% juice or you start getting the hidden wheats in anything other than 100% juice.

*Dressings- LiteHouse Dressings…. Hidden Valley ORIGINAL ranch is the only one that I have verified that does not have wheat/gluten….
*Meats-all fresh meats

*Pasta- Quinea (pronounced Keen-wah) pasta-turquoise boxes, Quinea comes in spaghetti. fettucini, spirals, shells and elbow noodles!  I only use quinea pasta because it does not get mushy and it is high in fiber and nutrients and it tastes so good!!

*Pasta Sauces- Prego sauces will list if it is GF, be careful because a lot of them are NOT gluten free but a lot are…. Classico Pasta sauce has GF as well as non GF so again be careful. Both Companies will say GF on the bottle if is it.

*Peanut Butter and Other Butter spreads-Skippy all natural and Skippy smooth and Crunchy, Maranatha almond butter, Sunbutter sunflower butter. I can’t believe its not butter, and most regular butters(check labels and manufacturers)

*Pretzels-Glutino pretzels… Sniders gluten free pretzels

*Spices- McCormicks is the only spice brand I use. They will list any wheat in their products
*Soups- Progresso, will list gluten free on their soups if they are and Campbells too, not many selections but there are some

*Syrups-Pure Maple syrups… log cabins original

*Yogurt-Yoplait, check labels most are GF but always check, they will say GF if they are…Trix yogurts for kids, Amande almond yogurt GF and Dairy free, and my personal most favorite is Chobani all flavors.

Please feel free to email and ask for any additions or if you have any questions. I will keep updating and adding to the list. Grocery Stores have “specialty” or “natural” food sections which have a ton of gluten free foods in addition to my list here. If you’re here in Utah, a great place to start shopping is a store called Against the Grain, everything in the store is gluten free! Yep no label reading AT ALL!  Harmons has a great selection of gluten free items and most their items have little tags saying gluten free (please still check labels) Whole Foods is another great place to go!

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