My  name is Emily (m or mle)I I am married and mother of 2 children. I was diagnosed with Celiac in 2011.  I had a horrible time making changes from eating whatever I wanted for 33 years to reading labels and watching everything I put into my mouth. I thought I was doing good by just not eating the obvious things like, bread, pizza, pasta, pastries etc. but I was still getting sick, having bad side effects and many other health conditions. I then learned about “hidden”wheat in fragrances, artificial flavoring, natural flavorings, and that manufacturers didn’t have to put gluten on the labels at ALL.  I still learn about gluten free and celiac all the time> I am actually finding out about dairy free right now because of my son.

Please know that I take all this information very serious and I hope that is helps you.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.

Thank you and Happy Gluten-free Living,



A Little Statement From ME 🙂

Everything on this blog is strictly my opinion and based on information that I have learned through trial and error, doctors advice to my specifications, and my own research. This blog is not intended for treatment of others. Please speak with a Doctor for any medical treatments and before starting a Celiace diet and/or lifestyle.

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