L’il Critters Gummy Vites

In our house we use L’il Critters gummy Vites Complete. These vitamins made it easy because they said GF right on the bottle, and we all tolerated them well!  Just yesterday we went to buy our vitamins,  and the lovely GF label was GONE! I didn’t trust that it once said GF and now it doesn’t. SO, I called. The lovely woman on the phone said, they now are only printing what is IN the product not was isn’t. So not only are they STILL gluten free but they are made in a dedicated gluten free facility.These do contain tree nuts, and made in a facility that uses soy, egg, fish, shellfish, and tree-nuts. My husband and I take these vitamins as well as my children AND my son is also dairy intolerant (both casein and lactose) and does VERY well with them! 

I hope this helps! 

Happy Holidays!


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