Heartburn and Indigestion…..

Heartburn and Indigestion. One reaction to gluten sensitivity is an increase of acid in your stomach, causing heartburn, indigestion and related pressure in the upper stomach/chest. It can be really painful and it’s a sign that your body is under stress and NOT into whatever you’re consuming. And that “what” could be gluten. Please “like” or “share” if you can relate, or know someone who can relate, to heart burn as a symptom of gluten intolerance or Celiac Disease. Help us spread awareness! (original post by Lauren Lucille) 

L’il Critters Gummy Vites

In our house we use L’il Critters gummy Vites Complete. These vitamins made it easy because they said GF right on the bottle, and we all tolerated them well!  Just yesterday we went to buy our vitamins,  and the lovely GF label was GONE! I didn’t trust that it once said GF and now it doesn’t. SO, I called. The lovely woman on the phone said, they now are only printing what is IN the product not was isn’t. So not only are they STILL gluten free but they are made in a dedicated gluten free facility.These do contain tree nuts, and made in a facility that uses soy, egg, fish, shellfish, and tree-nuts. My husband and I take these vitamins as well as my children AND my son is also dairy intolerant (both casein and lactose) and does VERY well with them! 

I hope this helps! 

Happy Holidays!

Celiac and Weight GAIN

 Weight. In the past, the “face” of Celiac Disease was consistently an underweight patient due to the malabsorption that occurs with the disease. And since poor weight gain is often indicative of Celiac Disease, it became the face of Celiac. But according to the Chicago Celiac Disease Center, 1 in 3 people diagnosed with Celiac Disease are overweight. Please “like” or “share” to spread awareness that you can ABSOLUTELY have Celiac Disease and be underweight OR overweight. *Lauren Lucille

Gluten Free Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is literally around the corner. Are you ready? I cannot wait to try Rudi’s new GF Savory Stuffing mix.


I use Schar ciabatta rolls or my local Gluten Free bakeries like (Charlottes-found at Against the Grain and Good Earth)

I make my own gravy from drippings and xanthum gum. There are GF gravies out there, if you look in the “specialty” isles-(usually)