Have to try…..ZEST Kitchen and Bar


I am not a person who loves (or even likes) eggplant, BUT I want to pass on the one and only place I will eat it, as eggplant Parmesan, and actually LOVE it… It’s ZEST kitchen and bar! This is such a tasty dish, you can’t even tell you are eating eggplant; serious. I know you may not believe me so you have to go and try it yourself. Everything in the kitchen is gluten free and vegetarian and they have some vegan as well. How can you pass up a completely dedicated gluten free place to eat, have it good for you, taste good, AND have a nice glass of wine too.. Oh ya, they have gluten free beer too ( more than one option) please check it out. Don’t forget dessert, carrot cake, yes gluten free too;)

Zest Kitchen and Bar
275 So. 200 W.


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