Good way to use beet greens :)

Ok, so I like to shop at my local farmers market when I can and I purchased one of their “baskets.” In it was beet greens. I have no idea how to incorporate these into, ANYTHING. I was told to use it just like spinach. I was frightened, really.

This is what I did, I call it- Beet Green Scamble (serves 4-6)

You will need….

8 eggs

1 bunch of chives -chopped

3 stalks of green onion – chopped

1 bunch of beet greens (about 2-3 cups) chopped

1 Tbsp oil (I use canola or olive)

salt and pepper to taste

In heated oil saute chives, green onion, and beet greens. Salt and pepper to taste and cook until beet greens start to darken a bit. ( a good few minutes, 3-4 minutes)

In a bowl break eggs and mix together and add salt and pepper. mix well.

When greens, onion and chive are to your desired liking add eggs and scramble like usual.

The flavor is so full and yummy. So simple!



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