Let’s Talk Pizza

As a person living with celiac I miss pizza and pastries the most probably, well and jalepeno poppers but anyway…. A good pizza is hard to come by that is yummy and gluten free. With all my “testing” (and I have done a bit) of gluten free foods,  here are some of my pizza favorites.


Pizzeria Pizza-

Hands down the best local pizzeria for gluten free pizza is “The Pie Pizzeria” some locations also have a vegan cheese option.


Frozen pizza-

My favorite is “BOLD” Frozen Pizzas. Organic, dairy free and some vegan options! So yummy. Found at Harmon’s, and I put in a request at Whole Foods to start carrying this product.  http://bold-organics.com/


Another frozen pizza was just brought to my attention at Costco…

Sabatasso’s gluten free frozen pizzas.


Happy Gluten Free Eating!

Please let me know if you want me to try a product for you or if you have any questions about gluten free.


M (short for Em)


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